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So your debtors don’t see your business as a free overdraft facility.

Our approach is simple – expert credit control and debt collection services by a team passionate about people and process.

Debt collection in New Zealand done right

The cost-effective recovery of overdue debt involves a good understanding of the law, the NZ court system and human nature.

Successful collection of your overdue debt will become increasingly difficult over time. Don’t spend valuable company time chasing late or non-payments of your invoices. 

Your primary focus should be running your business and not chasing overdue debt. Our primary focus is using our expertise to recover debt at the most cost-effective rate.

If your demands for payment have been ignored, or you simply don’t have the time to spend on phone calls, emails and letters, MFL’s debt collection services will help your business recover unpaid debts and improve its bottom line. If you need advice, help with debt recovery or support through the court system, just contact us today for your no-obligation discussion.

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Effective debt collection 

Innovative collection strategies as well as the ability to communicate face-to-face in a robust system that deliver results: that’s the MFL difference. 

This happens thanks to:

  • Our people
  • Our customer relationships
  • Our systems and processes 
  • Experience in debt recovery

Effective debt collection is about listening and communicating. It is about negotiation and working with debtors. Our good reputation is built on our high-performing collectors’ thorough knowledge of New Zealand legislation. They are objective and always ensure that accurate and complete records of all transactions are maintained.

Our agents will never harass or threaten your debtors, nor will they be prejudiced on the basis of race, sex, age, or any other characteristics. They will not publicise any debt, nor try to deceive to collect. Coming from a legal background, our debt collection team will always act in a disciplined and professional manner. We focus on protecting and enhancing your reputation. That’s our MFL guarantee. 

Get the money your business is owed without the drama. Contact us today.

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Debt Collection

Our highly trained professional agents carry out debt collection across New Zealand. We do not outsource to other agencies, so you’ll know who you’re dealing with at all times. 

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Legal Services

Our in-house legal team expertly handles a comprehensive range of legal services from demand letters through to legal action; efficiently managing the whole debt collection process.

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Investigation and tracing

Missing debtors and their security don’t escape our tracing services. Using refined investigation techniques, our experienced investigators locate bad payers and then develop repayment plans.

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Debt acquisition

Get an immediate return on debt you hold. Call us to discuss the sale of your debtors book. Recover a portion of the outstanding amount without the hassle and stress of debt recovery.

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Asset Management

We can locate and sell outstanding assets under finance agreements or as part of a legal asset seizure. Our services include secure storage and completion of legislative documentation.

Excellent systems to guarantee a good result

The MFL approach to debt collection differs from the more traditional agencies. Outstanding results happen when you recognise that debtors’ affairs can differ dramatically in terms of their assets, cashflow or repayment ability. 

To maximise the recovery of your debt, we use a portfolio-based approach. We can deliver detailed reporting and a tailormade solution for each client.

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