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Auckland debt collectors working across New Zealand

Need to collect overdue invoices?

You might want to consider engaging a reputable a debt collection agency like ours. Here are a few reasons why:

  • We have the knowhow, expertise and resources needed to trace debtors and collect overdue amounts
  • Outsourcing the collection process will save you time and stress.
  • Our collection and recovery agents are experts in their field and take pride in delivering outstanding results.
  • We use our panel solicitors and barristers to ensure any litigation is done in accordance with all New Zealand statutory requirements
  • We are able to assist with enforcing judgments
  • We are Auckland debt collectors, but we work right across New Zealand.

Contact us for a no-obligation discussion on the best solution for collecting your overdue debt.

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Tracking down late payers

We are able to trace and locate delinquent debtors using our in-house database and process. Alternatively, we can use the services of tracing specialists on a no-trace, no-fee basis.

The art of successful debt recovery is knowing the process and having the ability to discuss the consequences with the debtor. MFL Services are well-known for a strict approach and we are able to distinguish early whether the debtor is acting in bad faith or not. 

The fact that MFL has the ability to escalate matters to court sets us apart from your normal debt collection agencies. 

We’re Auckland debt collectors working across New Zealand and if you need assistance with debt recovery or support through the court system, contact us for your no-obligation, free discussion.

Document everything

We understand the importance of documentation as well as the importance of documenting the entire process. We are firm believers in the age old saying ‘paper is patient’. There is nothing as frustrating as starting a debt recovery process without adequate documentation.

Solid, professional advice

Advice is part of our service. We provide ongoing recommendations to our clients on all their credit control matters. We are honest and upfront and will inform you of any known facts which might influence the collection process.  We will not simply take on a new instruction for the sake of generating fees.   

Some debtors continue to default on payment even after judgment is noted by court. We are able to assist with enforcement through attachment orders, charging orders, warrants to seize property or sale orders. It is absolutely crucial when proceeding with judgment enforcement that we make 100 per cent sure that we build a complete and accurate credit file on the debtor, their associations, business, background and family.

Coming from a legal background, we always act in a professional manner with a complete understanding of the impact as well as implications of using legal debt recovery processes. 

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Our Guarantee.

Our debt collection team will always act in a disciplined and professional manner to safeguard our clients’ brand and reputation. That’s our MFL guarantee. For a free discussion on your credit control and debt recovery requirements, feel free to call us today.