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Our approach is simple – impeccable credit control and debt collection services delivered by a passionate, respectful team who care about people and processes.

The MFL approach to debt collection differs from the more traditional agencies.

We’re not just a call centre churning volumes, our agents work on individual portfolios with expert knowledge on your brand and processes.

Your portfolio manager will be in contact with you from start to finish. MFL Services stay in control of the debt recovery process and will guide you throughout. We don’t charge for consultations, phone calls and letters. We are completely transparent and work on a fixed fee basis. 

At MFL Services, we are always available to help businesses. Be it advice, debt management or legal support, we are there to help improve your debt recovery and credit control processes. If you would like to know more about our NZ wide debt collection services, simply get in touch with us today to arrange your no obligation discussion on our range of services.

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If you need assistance with debt recovery or support through the court system, call us today for your no-obligation, free discussion.