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A complete credit management and debt recovery solution delivered by a passionate, respectful team who care about people and processes. 

Our debt recovery services

MFL Services stays in control of all the work, whether business or legal related, which prevents a cost blow-out or matters dragging on for ages. We are not a law firm; this gives MFL Services additional agility in business.  We don’t charge for consultations, phone calls and letters – that’s all included in our fixed fee. No more arguing about high and unaffordable legal bills, we are completely transparent and work on a fixed fee basis

Outsourcing debt recovery and credit control to a trusted partner like MFL Services will allow you to focus on your vision and your business.

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“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart”

Thomas Watson Sr.

Debt collection

Engaging an expert business partner to take care of your debt collection, will definitely increase your chances of collecting on overdue payments. 

Specialising in debt recovery across New Zealand, we use our own professional in-house field agents; we do not rely on third party contractors to talk to your debtors. 

Our portfolio-based approach and tailor-made processes give you brand protection as well as maximizing repayment. We have found that communication can be key in resolving any late payments. The ability to use our staff to communicate face-to-face with debtors across New Zealand delivers results vital for companies to manage credit risk. This approach brings long-term value to everyone involved. 

Our credit consultants are experts on business and processes, so your portfolio manager will know exactly which approach you require for each type of debt. Whether you want payment in full or payment arrangements, we can action this across your portfolio. Rest assured, we will always be compliant and ethical in conducting debt recovery proceedings. Records are kept, and all documentation is always available.

Our client-centric approach and use of face-to-face dialogue with your debtors ensures the best results. We have the experience and we know exactly what to do, how to do it. We get fast results.

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Investigation and tracing

We are able to trace delinquent debtors by using our database and in-house tracing systems. Why? Because if we can’t talk to them or get them served, there won’t be any payment, and that makes us pretty motivated. 

Innovative technological tools mean we have cross-border coverage and we can offer various levels of debtor tracking, including database checks to specialist agent tracing. 

If you require any help locating your debtors, please contact one of our team for advice.

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Debt acquisition

Would you like to discuss the sale of your debtors’ book as an added service? Debt acquisition means you can immediately recover of a portion of overdue invoices without you going through the hassle and stress of debt recovery. We are always interested in the purchase of aged and non-performing ledgers if you are keen on selling your debtors. Ledgers would be normally purchased on a non-recourse basis, meaning that you get an immediate return and forgo any future interest in the debt (including its ongoing administration). 

If you have any questions about our debt acquisition services, please contact one of our team.

Asset Management

Our services incorporate all facets of handling securities. We can store all outstanding assets repossessed under finance agreements or as part of a legal asset seizure in secure premises. We are also able to complete legislative documentation on your behalf as well as carry out the assessment, preparation, and sale of goods. If you would like to find out more about the locating and selling of outstanding assets, call our team.

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Experts at debt collection

When you have outstanding debts, it is best to assign that task to a debt collection expert. Talk to us about a no-obligation quote for our debt recovery services by calling us.