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MFL Services is a New Zealand owned company specialising in credit management and debt recovery solutions. We are able to tailor-make solutions for both companies and individuals across New Zealand and Australia.

Solutions driven approach

If you need advice with debt recovery or support through the court system, just contact us today for a no obligation free discussion.

Why work with MFL Services? 

MFL Services’ unique approach to the law creates tailor-made opportunities for business, which ensures a more effective credit control and debt recovery process. 

The MFL difference is that our trained professional NZ debt collectors are well experienced in business to business as well as consumer debt collection. 

The team at MFL Services will ensure that your brand is protected throughout the collection and recovery process. If debt collectors ride rough-shod and work outside the rules, it can reflect on your company’s good name. The team at MFL Services understand the value of our customers’ good names and will never act in a way that is detrimental to their brand.

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What makes us effective NZ debt collectors?

Debt collection is all about listening, empathising and being clear on the debt recovery process from the start. Excellent negotiation skills and early contact with a debtor(s) will often result in payment. Our collection and recovery agents are experts in their field and take pride in delivering an above average service. Contact MFL today for an obligation free discussion on your credit management and debt recovery requirements. 

Stand out systems for outstanding accounts

Our above average recovery rates are proof of the effectiveness of our debt recovery processes. To discuss your specific credit control and debt recovery requirements, contact us for a no-obligation discussion.

Full New Zealand coverage

MFL Services offers an end-to-end solution for your debt recovery with national coverage. At MFL Services our unique approach focusses on utilising modern technology and innovative thinking to tailor-make legal debt recovery solutions.

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Our team

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Lou Coetzer

After immigrating to NZ in 2016, I continued my career as expert in debt collection. Prior to moving to New Zealand, I worked as attorney (solicitor) in South Africa, with over 20 years’ experience in the legal and business arena.  

I joined MFL Services February 2020 with the ambition to grow and improve on the already successful business and using my experience in litigation, debt collection, general civil litigation, arbitration and corporate law.

I want to ensure that every client is provided with the right solution(s) to grow their business.

I am passionate about the communities in which I have lived and have been involved in not-for-profit organisations uplifting poor and disabled communities.

Whether fishing or socialising with friends over a barbeque, I truly love spending time by the ocean.

Agnes Moli

Agnes Moli

My journey in the debt collection industry started after finishing school. Although I never thought
that I would enjoy debt collection, I absolutely loved the work, people and dealing with customers
from all walks of life. Each day brought its own and new challenges and I manged to excel as debt
collector and managed to work my way up to a senior staff member and later team leader. Although
you often need to have difficult conversations while doing debt collection, I don’t shy away, but
rather see this as an opportunity to educate and help people to improve their financial
I was privileged to have spent 7 of the 10 years in debt collection working for Baycorp Australia and
New Zealand. There’s a saying, “challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is
what makes life meaningful”, I could not agree more.
Fun fact: I lived in Spain for 8 months and drove to Portugal nonstop (I told you I enjoy long drives)

Talu Tupuola

Talu Tupuola

I started in the debt collection industry when I was 19 and never looked back. I really enjoy working
with people and finding solutions to financial difficulties. Debt collection bought new challenges on a
daily basis, which made me think outside the box. Debt collection has taught me to listen to both
sides of each “story” in order to find the right solution for my client(s). Working at Baycorp Australia
gave me a solid grounding and experience dealing with a wide range of debt collection matters. I
look forward to use and expand on my debt collection expertise in the future.

Fun Fact: I love playing rugby union over the weekends. So, if I’m not in the office – I’ll be all geared
up in a number 3 or 7 rugby jersey, to make a hit or two on the field.

Talk to us.

For a no-obligation quote on our credit control and debt collection services. We don’t charge for consultations, phone calls and letters – that’s all included in the fixed fee. No more arguing about high and unaffordable legal bills, we are completely transparent and work on a fixed fee basis.